Thursday, January 28, 2010

A dreamer!!!

I watch the dark skies
with shiny moon and glittering stars...
not the way i'd a ten year earlier
to treat my eyes or forget my state
just to gallop a spoon of rice-love u mom.

I think of the amusements at sea
the days of childhood,with sand and play
with  friends,with foes...
delight'ly entertaining but a sharp turn back home
when i hear the shrill call of the lady at home.

At the age of six was born a villan
poked his folk with the pencil
stole a parker pen
forged dad's signature on the progress card
glared the teacher who beat on the bums.

No definition of life,life a love way
Joy and sad,a mere forgetting states
lessons in experience of novelty
as soothing as the rhymes
Childhood is everyone's best video of the day.

Naughty and free from bondage of  thoughts
those were the days of ignorance yet a bliss
I long to rivert back to the past
eachtime i'm hurt,eachtime i miss,eachtime i breakup
just to see how lovely its being a child.

Excuses and exemptions my fav wordplay
neither at peace nor at war
but a curious tendancy  to complain and praise
every moment spent in the light of purity
no diamond or ruby to rival.

Every creature born has to die
sorrow and joy are coexisting opposites
With age comes responsibility
lulling the child in you to sleep
All we need is a child's heart and an adult's brain...

Go for it!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Healthy lesson learnt in time

Finally i made my mind to visit my blog! a not less than four months now. After a huge number of lame excuses and apologies to my blog i eventually found the hot seat to rewind and precisely put the craziest things that i've ever done in this time-span.Engineering final year- and thats self explanatory why i had to miss my lovely lady back home and not do the homework regularly. My day began earlier than the hen's crook at 4.30am this month,rolling the half closed eyes i had to close my sleep and start my day.The geyser ON, paste on my brush had to pack the books for the day's hectic 14.5 hr scheduled classes for the day at ACE. Had no option to bunk as easily as i managed last year but this time the impending fear of future forced my determination a little more and more convincing to please itself. Hastily i dressed to catch up the 5.10 bus at the bus stop 1/2 km from my home and i cleverly managed my time and footsteps to make it to the bus. With the monkey hat on my bald head and the ear guard looking like a dressed chicken as somebody commented i ignored and kept my profile high. I knew exactly well, that this one month strife would bring me fruits sweeter than expected. Like a wandering soul i moved from one room to the other, meanwhile my peers push and pound just to grab a seat at the front bench perhaps they ar'nt satisfied by the amplification of speech or prepare mentally that a front seat means immense concentration and sadly i too became one among them. Reason what may i found it crazy as time passed by and a rear place became a matter of no concern and i thoroughly enjoyed each lecture from a farther distance. I only hated the canteen at that place which lacked hygienically tasty food a must for a foodie like me and the barbarian culture of table manners fo my counterparts ruined my apetite to put down a solid 4kilos.Each passing day grew a sense of confidence and belief that this is my time and i'll crack Gate this year to make a place in any of the IITs soon. There was rejoice every day i returned home at night guranteeing myself a sound sleep and a contented heart that i've made my perfect day. Soon came the culprit' Campus placements' that stole my dream,behaved ruthlessly for the first interview of denying me of a job and the second one bringing victory. Now Infosys-Mysore is fancying me trying to convince me of an ideal opportunity and a goodie workplace. Unintentionally this joyous moment has now become a main stream concern whether to take up the job leaving behind the effort that i put in attending Gate classes ? But i'm confused complexly perplexed as to what my subconscious has assumed that nothing interest me anymore, all i'm left to do is to stay calm,silent with no thoughts. I'm varied in emotions and find no reason to celebrate but as somebody said do not brag about tomorrow you never know what today has in store for us. So i decided to tighten up my socks and get ready for the battle on 14th feb and leave the rest to God come what may and i'll gladly welcome the outcome. Many a times in life you never understand whats running in yours and become worried about your next move.Believe me there's only one solution "Do what pleases you and leave the rest to destiny" its his headache. Have fun make life of every moment.... Be a happy go lucky Man---