Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Marry me!!!

In the midst of uncertainity
there manifests a transparancy
gathering and strengthening affection
am to believe this is an emotion

Affluence in your love and care
this is no charity to share
how can this be a shame?
when greedy for love is a thing of fame!

We will make mistakes and learn
spend money without the care to return
Play, fight, cry and laugh
my shoulder shall be enough

Hold my hand, stroll along the beach
cuddle for long, kiss me in the reach
Trust me for life and walk down the aisle
I am marrying you now and this is not a lie

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I so write

To my love I so write
a secret letter at night
When people are sleep
and the moon watches me weep
I pour my heart in words
hoping in silence it might be heard

To you my love I so write
how crazy is our fight
This separation is hard and cold
why do you make it two-fold?
I pour my heart in words
this time it might be worth

To my dear I so write
you are my pearl in white
In complacent no answers are found
Why do you make my heart pound?
I pour my heart in words
truly to put this forth