Sunday, September 30, 2012

paused time; captured moments

In the depth of thoughts
Pops a picture so dear and charm
And yeah! its me and you...

Mighty night of winter; dark and cold 
Under the moon and shiny stars
The company of utter silence and calm
Our touch the only stimulating warmth.

A fragile lap and a sheltering head
Careless fugitives from sleep and crowd
Fingers curling my hair and lips kissing your palm
Was the only wealth we lavished upon.

We spoke not a word yet the ears asked nothing
But our hearts secretly communicated and exchanged
The soothe of togetherness, the emotions of love
We were the only envious couple to ourselves. 

This is a picture not in the frame or a vault
Captured not by lens but by a moment paused
Briefly to remind every second I'm alive
That only death can part my memory and US.

ps-:) Rewind to days spent together in the broken heart
        Define separation in the sweetest of memories
        Trust me in the midst of your hatred
         Peep and see, I'm still in Love with you. 

Please come back....