Sunday, May 27, 2012

Self Story

It's always been Writing that brought clarity, taught detachment , restored confidence ,built Integrity, strengthened morality , and helped retrospection. This beautiful art has often be abandoned , being betrayed, and left untouched. If it weren't words then there wouldn't have been any understanding or even emotion. Once you get to write down your thoughts , the perception of your own being changes , magnifies into a self narrated story. Very few population enjoy this vocation , and among these very few actually do and relish. Words transcends all wisdom, it is the source of all comprehension. Its the genome that grows into a glorified picture of everything you think, everything you feel, everything you see, everything you hear, and its just everything.

Each time I actually write down and read it , its a whole lot about me- my own self. The sub-conscious human brain is the object of all answers to man's search for himself. We don't need a Sooth-Sayer to tell us what we are going to be. The thoughts you express reveal to you the man you want to be, the human you want to evolve. Its just about you all time. When you  understand your thoughts you get to know your personality and eventually grow up to be the same one. The fight for self ends in your very hands and the art you pursue. Yes! Writing is the key to the sub-conscious door. The more you write, the more you get to understand your self, and the more defined personality you become.

So, Keep Writing!

*ps: Writing-the only true friend of mine. I've returned.