Saturday, January 21, 2012

You Love Me!!!

I'll walk a hundred miles
To embrace your killing smiles
The warmth in your rude
Shows the possessive proud

You hide me from eyes
Deep in the house of wise
Temple of love, your heart
Pumping blood I take part.

Silence has a better definition
When I get engrossed in this fiction
Not of want but need
We are one indeed.

Dear Blog,

I'm getting close to reality, due catastrophe. I walked so long far away from a binding web, it feels so tired- just can't let it pass. It seems so helpless each time I fail to hold me tight. I said sorry a million times but it pains so much to sacrifice just to end up hurting.  I no longer want to be a 'stuck-up', I want to move on. This is all eating me so much, my life is turning a myth. I envy the birds above, flying high, their liberty never curtailed, I want to be one of them.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Genie, I Miss You!!!

I had this genie that gave me confidence to impress the mob. He motivated to speak to the hearts of my listeners. I never fell short of words but from the last two times he was missed, and missed badly. I stumbled at the presentation discussing the method of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing. And today for my surprise the past repeated in a debate competition which ended up appreciating my content and not my charisma to move the audience for which I was known. The debate had no significance to my academics in what so ever,keeping in mind the pile of pending assignments, but the wave of an impulsive inquisitiveness bothered me to search for the last failure. Results don't help building personality it helps boosts the enthusiasm. My motive to be a participant was a quest, answer that lay in the process. I say; mission successful.

The reason for my past appraisals were based on the clarity attained before utterance. The same did not happen with my previous encounters, a picnic to thank for, luring me of my business to prepare for a seminar the next day. I had fun being on the top of the khandahar mountains with a freezing cold pool to swim. The call for the day was so near that helped me very little to assimilate what was read. The next day, not knowing what to speak was so embarrassing when you have an expected audience. The seminar though was accepted on the efforts made but failed to satisfy the speaker. This search landed up in knowing the flaw when the series of events looped during rebutting my opponents views. Foreign Direct Investments were of no clue to a techie, hardly heard of it, to make it worse the volunteer initially just mentioned FDI, whose full form too was not familiar.  But the good news is: I have the answer now.

CLARITY, the food for the genie in me was devoid. What gave him the energy was not his instinct nor his magical powers but  CLARITY. In reality there was no genie at all, it was the command, a dominion of knowing all- master; that gave a notion of genie helping me at the background. This is why emphasis is always laid on the process and not the product that will help build more nicer stuff when the don't s are clear. So, if you too happen to fail in anything that you mastered before then its not the vanishing of the genie but its the lack of CLARITY. Be clear, the road to success is fueled by it.

* Hey genie sorry for the food crisis, missed you a lot.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

You Found Love!!!

Thou art happy every time
But, thy smile speaks short
Agree! new friend is of prime
I say you found your lot.

Dear concerns another dear
Thine moments of joy now hide
"New Love" this pal shall not fear
Thy all days are mine pride.

Friend's ego never breaketh
In split love and care
After all, we are friends deficeieth
So the circle spreadeth in share.

It's by will, thou shall tell
And thy friend rejoiceth in words
Happiness not bindeth in shell
Better in song, let's jam with chords.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Reading between lines!!!

Its all about reading, reading between lines, after all words make thoughts and thoughts make actions and actions make emotions. So the root is "WORDS". Language is beautiful! in that we understand people for what they are and what they intend to be for us. I heard a million times in my life that: 'words are not enough' but when it all begins with a word then how can something be beyond words? Its plain that we live in a world of machines that make our lives better by relieving us from the  process and lure us with results. But the truth is, the machine to process words is inbuilt in ourselves. No scientist ever thought of one nor will because its way too complex for human comprehension, the journey of words to emotions is beyond human intellect. I'm not a writer nor intend to be one in my future but I write because its the way through which my emotions take their outburst. If not words then what can replace this unmatched way of expression. I prefer a story being read in a hardcover than from the mouth of Rihaana  or from a Nicholas Cole's flick.

Annoying is always the first WORD when people don't read and don't read between lines. We are deceived by movies and the technology which steal us from the enthusiasm of reading. Reading journey is always more beautiful than any rudimentary way of putting the storyline. Sophistication is not  panacea of life somethings are best in their primitive state. I always put my emotions when writing even a simple text but most people fail to see the hidden parts because they don't read, don't read between lines. Try reading an email or better a letter from your friend which confesses a mistake or expresses LOVE it will make a massive impression than a simple utterance of sorry. We search for love everywhere but end up failing because we don't really give words a serious blow. Try giving words a little meaning then things will be a lot distant and life a little lovelier. For my friends; don't simply read, read between lines!!!

I had something in mind and ended up with something, probably my mind read between lines!!!
Cheers!!! Have a good year of Books....