Monday, June 13, 2011

All alone, i lay on the bed,
Remembering tears i shed.
Vague promises of yesterdays,
Uncertainty defined my days.

Wished never to write again,
Those scenes varied in pain.
Poetry my sooth and calm,
Can't loose pen from my palm.

You left, not bothering your dear,
Erasing bonds of love so neat and clear.
Whirlwind of thoughts to end years,
Brain pissed to lend my ears.

Learned to live without you darling,
Without you, life is not charming.
Things change for better,lesson of life
You make someones' better wife.

Months passed,awaiting you back
Wasn't a time you missed this Jack?
I play violin in your name
Proclaiming I'm still the same.

Rest to God i leave-his will
Madness still believes you will.
Happier you be;in bad and good
Remember!my door is not far from neighborhood.