Friday, January 7, 2011

When I’m alone I dream of you,
When I dream I’m not alone
Madness never defined but so distinct
Love and you are never twains
Only comprehend-able to me
I know that I’m in love

Running down my memory lane,
I catch up the loving train.
Gone are days where sleeping was a shame,
Yours where the only meaning in my name.

From left to right, good to bad
You were my loving lad.
Waiting to eye you was never a game,
Excuses to late were just so lame.

I wondered melody sounded sweet
Not so pleasant than our meet
Illusion proved wrong , men don’t cry
Failure was a signal not to try.

For u I’ll remain, the one
Who when u see shall shine
Words put together will fail
But not your memories in my jail
I close my eyes, to see you
Deep in my heart where none can peep
For years I locked the only vision of thee
Clearer every day brighter every time
Reasons unknown and explanation tough
But soothing and relieved the memories of thee
Will remain till I breath my last air indeed.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


दिल ये रोता है तेरे लिए
बन्दे है आहत , झूठे कसमो में
पागल ये प्यार न जाने किसलिये
आज भी तुम ही हो मुझमें

दोस्ती हमारी  रिश्ते का नाम
अपनों से बढकर था हमारा प्यार
दुसरो से क्या अपना काम?
अच्छा या बूरा कुशिया ते सबसे पार!

I want to LET GO!

I dream no more
Wish, I never had
Of our future or our past
I just want to LET GO!

Sounds of love,gesture of oneness
Makes me happy no more
Why do I complain?
But I just want to LET GO!

Past is what aches
The scenes of feigned emotions
Conscience left cheated
Yet I want to LET GO!

I know,you shall witness
The fight back-Stronger
Still I care not
As I just want to LET GO!