Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It took about 6 years now to finally compile my research on detachment. Talking about research, I'm just trying to give my observations a little exaggeration, not to take less serious though! It feels heaven when your loved ones hug you and the general tendency is to carry the emotional encounter deeper into our subconscious. Well, initially this transcendence seems bliss but in reality this is what makes us week on our emotional part. The emotions or rather the signals of stimulation, that traverses through our neurons when succeed in making their way to our sub conscience find a permanent place of storage and become harder to delete. This is actually good as your storing something which you'll recall for experiencing the same feeling again but the worst thing is: the same content  gets retrieved automatically when you regret on the feeling's corresponding relationship. What was once a bliss now turns you guilty and you feel bad to sober.

Listen! this is what happens: most men actually have greater access to their sub conscience as compared to girls, this explains why girls can easily move on in the events of  breaks ups. Not to generalize that men are attached and girls are detached but it all depends on how well you understand your emotional needs and the way you handle them. Most girls too are attached when they try pushing their feelings deeper into the hard-disk (sub). The objective here is not the reaction of either gender to handling emotions but all humans(makes sense). We should always make sure to keep our hearts burden free, let it be free from every such things that would cause it pain later. This is a harder task and many have been trying to master the art of detachment from ages but still were not successful in giving a formula to achieve this bliss. Quite a few are blessed to born with it and some based on their circumstances learn the art without actually being aware of it.

Some of the observations made, analyzing people close to me who are actually dettached are as follows:

1:  The never stick to one thought at any instance of time. Dynamic change in thought process is their play game.

2. They are weak at expressing anger or love. Yes, when it comes to expressing emotions they fall on their knees.

3. They don't linger in thoughts for a long time but rather are forgetful all times. This is what makes them great sleeping people who fall asleep in seconds.

4. They bother about their family a lot. In this process they receive a lot love from home which keeps them from searching love elsewhere.

5.They hate physical expression of care and concern. Let them lite, they are always the best people to hang out with.

6. They search for novelty everywhere and in the events of routine too they get adjusted pretty well without complaining.

7. They are never lonely or rather don't feel lonely. Yes they seek company in every trivial things, thus avoiding boredom.

8. They never validate any feeling because they never feel anything for longer. Free heart is their choice.

9. They are mostly liars,flirts,shrewd,intelligent and sometimes envious. But at last they are the most loveable people to live with because they forget everything and become plain in seconds.

10. The best comes here: They make you envious in how they handle their emotions. They don't give a damn for anything that can cause pain at heart. They dont really know this but they do it, this is what makes them special.

Abhishek,aka Ba, is the inspiration behind this research and he is the major character for the above postulates. Anyway I'll tell you how to handle some of such situations. Always seek happiness of whose definition you write. What others say or do is of your least concern. Don't take anything serious enough to keep yourself immersed in thoughts. Please remember this life is a journey, co-passengers keep coming and they leave when their stop comes, so with people at various stages of our lives. Seek love at home it will keep you away from lot odds. Keep changing your thoughts very rapidly and give little attention to thoughts where people's character or their interactions are involved. A hug is just a token of affection and nothing more to push a different inertia.

So, always keep the heart and brain light. Things become easier when you start taking them a little less seriously. This is just the first script and if you wondered this page summarizes six years of research then you are wrong. Take a chill pill i'll be back soon with another entry. See you soon!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Got Back ,Now With a Bang!

Sudheer:   Hey hi buddy! Wassup? Its been a very very long time.
Blog:        Hi... Nothing special these days except a few lonely nights.
Sudheer:  Is something wrong my friend?
Blog:       When was the last time you visited this old friend of yours? Ever inquired my where abouts?
                You got lost for almost a year now do you realize?
Sudheer:  I'm really sorry I should have explained but i got stuck up with the routine of life. Its so
                awkward to hurt you. I dint mean to...
Blog:       I missed you, when i cried i had no shoulder, those words of a true friend seemed almost
                gone.I blamed my fate to take this curse...
Sudheer: (Sober)
Blog:       Please dont cry this is not what makes me happy. The smile of a friend keeps a thousand worries
                away. If i've been hard on you then I'm sorry i only meant to get you back at any cost.
Sudheer: Thank you for being there for me whenever i needed you.
Blog:      You chose me , you are my master, i owe my life to you. I love you Sudheer plz dont leave
                me anytime...(tears rolling...)
Sudheer:  (Hard hug) I love you too will never leave you....

Happy Endings... See you guys at the next blog...

Monday, June 13, 2011

All alone, i lay on the bed,
Remembering tears i shed.
Vague promises of yesterdays,
Uncertainty defined my days.

Wished never to write again,
Those scenes varied in pain.
Poetry my sooth and calm,
Can't loose pen from my palm.

You left, not bothering your dear,
Erasing bonds of love so neat and clear.
Whirlwind of thoughts to end years,
Brain pissed to lend my ears.

Learned to live without you darling,
Without you, life is not charming.
Things change for better,lesson of life
You make someones' better wife.

Months passed,awaiting you back
Wasn't a time you missed this Jack?
I play violin in your name
Proclaiming I'm still the same.

Rest to God i leave-his will
Madness still believes you will.
Happier you be;in bad and good
Remember!my door is not far from neighborhood.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I  wish I were a kid again
Back to the times , when in gain
A Mother’s love and a pampered life
How I long , I never had a wife.

Sorry mom, now I cry
Not knowing ,how shall I try
Your patience is sky, your love heaven
I ‘m left a failure, proven

You took my pain , gave your joy
You  were just my playing toy
Like none so plain and calm ,
I admire your loving charm

They say; in pain a child is born
But for a mother, a ceremony of crown
God is one and  A Mother  His son
An angle for His will to be done

Words are not enough
Explanation seems too tough
I was in folly to quit those days
Strong I stand to wish you  - A HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

Monday, March 28, 2011

I hate you to love you more...

Three hundred days of silence
Four lac thirty two thousand minutes of lonliness


I now want to declare
Of what you know not
Yet your consciousness aware
I hate  to love you more....

Memory is a curse for one in love
The moving images make a thrust
This separation is just to say
I hate  to love you more....

I remember the last tear slipped
Straight down the cheek unto the chest
From where it arrived and i say
I hate  to love you more....

The concern of elders
Reasons weird for the blind
But my love strong to proclaim
I love  to love you more....

Just seven more months to pluck
My flower from the garden
When i stand with a golden basket to say
I love to love you more....

Dried rose petals , half chocolates
Awaits for the day
To say it all loud
I love  to love you more....

Friday, January 7, 2011

When I’m alone I dream of you,
When I dream I’m not alone
Madness never defined but so distinct
Love and you are never twains
Only comprehend-able to me
I know that I’m in love

Running down my memory lane,
I catch up the loving train.
Gone are days where sleeping was a shame,
Yours where the only meaning in my name.

From left to right, good to bad
You were my loving lad.
Waiting to eye you was never a game,
Excuses to late were just so lame.

I wondered melody sounded sweet
Not so pleasant than our meet
Illusion proved wrong , men don’t cry
Failure was a signal not to try.

For u I’ll remain, the one
Who when u see shall shine
Words put together will fail
But not your memories in my jail
I close my eyes, to see you
Deep in my heart where none can peep
For years I locked the only vision of thee
Clearer every day brighter every time
Reasons unknown and explanation tough
But soothing and relieved the memories of thee
Will remain till I breath my last air indeed.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


दिल ये रोता है तेरे लिए
बन्दे है आहत , झूठे कसमो में
पागल ये प्यार न जाने किसलिये
आज भी तुम ही हो मुझमें

दोस्ती हमारी  रिश्ते का नाम
अपनों से बढकर था हमारा प्यार
दुसरो से क्या अपना काम?
अच्छा या बूरा कुशिया ते सबसे पार!

I want to LET GO!

I dream no more
Wish, I never had
Of our future or our past
I just want to LET GO!

Sounds of love,gesture of oneness
Makes me happy no more
Why do I complain?
But I just want to LET GO!

Past is what aches
The scenes of feigned emotions
Conscience left cheated
Yet I want to LET GO!

I know,you shall witness
The fight back-Stronger
Still I care not
As I just want to LET GO!