Monday, February 1, 2010

Veiled love...

I close both eyes
to watch u secretly
this time for sure
to seek the hidden u.

I see the clouds,the smoke
but nothing pleasing my anguish
like the sentiments in movies
i await each day for a new episode.

Is it not unfair to delay
when i dream of tomorrows
that bring sweet memories
and of todays that cherish yesterdays?

How do i explain
why my emotions smile
why i see love everywhere
and how much i long to see u?

They say love makes a poet
but i turned an artist
to sketch the unrevealing u
but i ended up writing-"LOVE"

****Inspired from  the song "T era Hone Laga" from the movie APGK. The only difference being he knew his lady and i havent....Come soon 14th feb is turning up....