Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My love lad!

I love you very much
These emotions need no expression
And i cant resist putting in words
A pen and a paper or
A tongue between two lips
This is as much I can do as well love too
For  you are my love lad
Irresistible to all humans
Me in person.
You are on all tongues
In joy,in seriousness,in love
And this is why you are mine
So easy making ease
I found no comfort in any
An epitome of simplicity,lucid in understanting
How then could 'I' love anyone else more
You stole my heart,haunted my dreams
And now that i'm single ready to mingle
Come rule my world
For the arena isn't glorious
And my heart alone
Reticent to utter your name
I urge my speech process
Slowly synchronizing my vocals
To bring that beautiful name
On my lips-ENGLISH.