Saturday, September 5, 2009

Painting Spree!

In my dreams,
Haunting every night,
Comes into distinct
The only picture of thee.

Gallery so complete!
Every painted stroke
Gleams its beauty
So dear,So lovely.

Those were the colder nights
With trembling hands and firmer strokes
Etched you in the frame of imagination
Painted my lady-dream lady!

Elegance as a smile in the mirror
I remember your curls
Down to the neck
Little brown,little black.

I decorate my day
With memories of U
For the best handy
I ever done so.

My sweet companion
You've become
Conversations that never end
with you,indeed!

All in its glory;
I haste no second
To start my day
With you in dreams...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lost love or life?

Rewinding my memory tape
i beckon my unnamed past
back to the time when i
first fell in love-first love.

Proud in my success
i happily enjoyed the
fruits of a bachelor.
All men understand.

Silly i called people
in search of love.
Each time i found one
i tricked their minds.

Little did i knew
next victim would be me.
I was strong in mind
and stone at heart.

Many tried to explain
but i stood care-not
attached to my family
i knew no love greater.

Perhaps sooner came the
time when i was takenby
not by the fact that love is blind
but i was blind in love.

Friends is where we started off
but later turned lovers
Finding excuses to sorry
and thanks both never fell short.

Boys were shocked
for reasons known
and girls asusual found a new
topic to chat on.

There was innocense in our eyes
honesty in promises made
every moment every second
filled me with joy.

For all the classes we bunked
the names we carved
there was'nt a time
so simple yet beautiful.

So madly we believed
one we will be
Dreamt every day every night
in love we will be.

But indeccisive we remained
career or love?
Too young to decide
a decision unexpected.

Strange but true
we broke off
on grounds of no relavence
and i say harder is the truth.

So tender our minds
tis not our thoughts
For "LIFE" we departed
but today i find no "LIFE".

Kalam ki shakti chaku se bhi zyada hoti hai!!!

The experience of the race shows that we get our most important education not through books but through our work. We are developed by our daily task, or else demoralized by it, as by nothing else.


Life's fun with people around
making the "U" in you
but wonder why we aren't
the same when alone?

Never had a feeling so strong
ever before as today that
emotions seem void and feelings dead
and vacation promising bad times.

Maturity is a culprit to age
it captivates us to be grown-ups
more disciplined and rather an elder
tagging those joyous moments now a child play.

Haven't anyone ever wondered that
we were happy then, than now?
with so much "a called responsibilites"
and we still postpone it the next day.

Honestly and truly even i planned
rather more grandly just to contend myself
quite early before exams things to do in hols
but never came a day when i said yes i did it.

Sheer blasphemy of faith that
i'm active or more a workaholic
Ideology of life seems stupid
i wanna be a child again that i cant grow up.

**See a friend in you,u can be never lonely!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My love lad!

I love you very much
These emotions need no expression
And i cant resist putting in words
A pen and a paper or
A tongue between two lips
This is as much I can do as well love too
For  you are my love lad
Irresistible to all humans
Me in person.
You are on all tongues
In joy,in seriousness,in love
And this is why you are mine
So easy making ease
I found no comfort in any
An epitome of simplicity,lucid in understanting
How then could 'I' love anyone else more
You stole my heart,haunted my dreams
And now that i'm single ready to mingle
Come rule my world
For the arena isn't glorious
And my heart alone
Reticent to utter your name
I urge my speech process
Slowly synchronizing my vocals
To bring that beautiful name
On my lips-ENGLISH.