Wednesday, December 17, 2008

First Date!!!

The morning began as early as never before
Not to the snoozing alarms neither to the yellings of my mom
But by the curiosity of a day most awaited
Me so proud,First Date in my life.

A festival of teens so loved and longed
Ringing those merry, bells of joy
Scenes of tomorrow so sweet and calm
Sleepless a night,smiles all bright.

Mirror so good, not a second i looked down
Tranparency, for the perfection in me
Fair and round,tall and handsome
Beauty in eyes, envy in town.

Walked down the streets with roses in hand
Greetings of success from men unknown
A land so old yet in new just to remind
It's so special a day,memories that will cherish its way.

Long awaited minutes after, came my princess
Dressed in white,GOD so lovely not a blemish to point
"A droplet on flower" threw a million dollar smile
So innocent a love,even more innocent this time.

Words so wary and whisper in tone
Immature of the experiences, unaccustomed behaviour
Yet made sweeter company the sweetest 
An oath of oneness,to wipe the twains.

Silly talks,college gossips,hardships of meetings
Weird stories not in vain,grining liar not in my name
Moments like heavan never before,day so small
Time a stealer,a chance that comes but once.

Sad a depart,lonley again,very few a minutes 
Anguish of separation but happier more
For the promised days,life so gifted
A day in all to say it aloud "FIRST DATE"

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Beyond 9/11: The 26/11

       This time for the nuturing psycho in them, brutality redefined in its classical sense. The culprits owed the right punishment but at the cost of many innocents. I'm not trying to equate this rational difference in number nor the attrocites of these bad men with those hundreds who lay cold out there.
       For 105 years, The Taj, stood a prestiguous 36 storey monument not just in mumbai but for INDIA as whole. Today its ashes calls unto the YOUNG, pitying itself of having a great fall. Ashamed of the world's biggest military force(3rd after AMERICA and CHINA) to stop just ten aggitated hot blood from accomplishing their cruel task. Its not a lucravative businnes for these bad men,infact an investment, but still they indulge,bribe security men,buy explosives only to proclaim themselves winners of the dirty game:KILL. 
      There's news spreading all round the corner, of the dead, of the bad men,some matrys but none dare to address the problem and come out with a perfect solution to put an end. All we do is follow a blunt rule- mutter few words againsth the government,say a little prayer(thanking GOD of being safe),forget the whole drama and await a new day. Infact this attitude is in the intrinsic behaviour of a COMMON MAN (quoting the jargon of Nasuruddin shah, from A WEDNESDAY) to lead a common blemishless life under his so-thought secure canvas, lehman to the greivances of others, lost in his greed,only to prove himself he's innocent.
     The death toll has already crossed 300 and is in the rise but still the media has only one popular news to create a sensational atmosphere that the intelligence is investigating and is bound to catch hold of the culprits perhaps being aware it will be a dream not come true it still pushes itself in believing that false fact. Everyone is a sinner here for his vague behaviour to all the havoc happening around him yet do nothing to improve the situation. Everything can't be done by one but i believe in the power of integration when one stands and becomes the catalyst for the "CHANGE".
    Young blood is not cold here neither does it maintains a steady high temperature but its already boiling not revealing when it will break through and wake those sleepy heads from their dirty canvases to implement people's will and realise a perfect dreamt INDIA. Something has to be done but i dont know what should be and how should it set the blaze. All i'm worried is to become a catalyst for the CHANGE so i'm putting my words to make a difference. Friends those innocent souls hinder my dreams, cry at night to stop this happening anymore-dead yet worried about the living-Great Souls. Give it a thought, next victim can be You.

Before a MOTHER!!!

A feeling of heart that seems eternity
Perfection to women in viscinity

A gift of GOD for us to guide
In a way that HIS will shall bind

Words fall low
A mother's feeling to show

Time for the dear
To be near

Days seem far
 Joy thats above par

Kneeling prayers she makes
For the child she's going to take

His every kick , his every punch
Reminds to have mangoes in a bunch

Family with open eyes for the one
Hasty for him to come]

None but she knows the fullness of heart Brother
When the little one with splitting words calls "MOTHER"

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You Cheated!!!

Oh! my friend...I never expected
I'll ever be left CHEATED

In your smile you hid your hatred
Not knowing,my heart exalted

Your hug, your smile
Made me feel your mine

I always longed for your company
Lonely was i even in many

In you i was mad
Every minute then was glad

Like a clown i laughed at myself
Jealousy wiped out of self

Words are not enough
Explanation seems too tough

A hole in my heart is made
Feeling on face, no colour can shade

I'm sorry dear known now
To your patience i bow

Tears of love flushed my eyes
Sorrow of heart touched the skies

Wondering how days i would spend
Life seems to be an end

But today i declare
There was'nt anything to glare

Kind to you i will remain
Freeing you from my chain

A ray of hope is still
That you will, you WILL...